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President's Message


Cindy Kelly

We would like to start this holiday season with a thank you to the generous and dedicated people that volunteer or devote resources to the Merced SPCA. The SPCA’s goal is to fight for the inherent worth and dignity of every animal. We could not do this without you; every volunteer is a blessing to us, and to the animals we affect in carrying out this mission.


As we embark on a new year in 2024, we want to spend time focusing on board structure, along with the strategic plan for the SPCA. We hope to take this board, which has already been shaped by so many wonderful individuals, to new heights in animal welfare.


Aspects of that strategic plan include, but are not limited to:


  • A continued relationship with the City of Merced Police Department, and their animal control officers. The board is incredibly proud of our relationship with these individuals, and we look forward to strengthening it further in the coming year.


  • Expand our foster care network for the many cats and kittens dumped in our colonies. This past year was a record year for foster services, with over 50 domesticated cats and kittens placed with our amazing fosters. We ALWAYS need more fosters, as there’s always more pets that are being taken into our care.


  • Expand our rescue partners. We rely on other no-kill rescues to transport our cats and kittens in foster and get them adopted. We’ve partnered with a few amazing rescue organizations, but we’re always looking for new opportunities to make sure our fosters are given the best chance for a wonderful life.


I would like to close by saying simply that every life has worth. We at the board understand this, appreciate this, and fight for this. Without all of you, we would fail. Thank you.



Cynthia Kelly


Merced SPCA

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